party up

tonight is the night, let's start a party
there ain't no time to drink, even if you're thirsty
you gotta do is what you gotta do
just move your body,
groove your body all you wanna do
on the dance flor step on one. two, three
body getting sweat, ready to be good
tell me what do you want to, girl you can be
let down your funky weapon

hands up
raise your hands in the air
clap your hands
every body come together
funk up
til you get a higher ground
party up break it up

i got the look, you got to book a party
don't you worry baby, you're rich on personality
like what you see, tell me like what you hear
just take listen, look you over,
before night is through
don't you wanna stop, baby, you're all right
so make a noise, just scream & shout
you'll see what is all about your point of view
let down your funky weapon